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Pilates in Greenwich London SE3 and SE10

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At Pilates Plus London we provide a series of health services to our customers.

These include:

  1. Pilates Reformer Classes in our own Pilates Studio. Pilates classes in London with maximum 9 Pilates reformers in each class. More attention and safety.
  2. Pilates 1:1, Pilates one to one sessions with equipment, reformer, barrell, trapeze, core align and other pilates machines in Blackheath Greenwich London. 
  3. Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates one to one in SE London.
  4. Pilates courses can be found in Pilates in London SE10 and Pilates in London SE3 ,Pilates in London E17 and Pilates in London Walthamstow Village. Pilates in London Pilates in London Blackheath Greenwich
  5. Osteopathy in blackheath SE3 physical therapy treatment (muscle pain, bones and joints) Osteopathy Greenwich London
  6. Massage (sports, remedial and relaxation)  and also Massage Training.
  7. Acuptuncture in blackheath se3 South East London
  8. Pilates in London - Pilates Plus London

The aim of Pilates Plus+ is to offer our core Pilates program and also optional health services so you can benefit from having a full and balanced body.

Have you ever been to a doctor and then asked to see a specialist? Did you wait long? This is partly how Pilates Plus was born. Most issues tend to either be aches and pain related or long term back, muscle and tendon overuse and strain related injuries. All of our professional treatments are there to increase your ability to stay well for longer and we only have tried and tested methods with scientific proof and a regulated professional body  practitioner. Back pain is a major form of discomfort in older men and women although usually for different reasons such as work, sports or child birth.

Therapy from Pilates in London: Back issues and pain and discomfort are always difficult to deal with. There are simple solutions and as we grow older it becomes more important to align ourselves with healthy ways of living. It may our diet or the way we exercise. Lets be honest we don't see many 40-60 year old professional football and rugby players still on the field although I am sure they can still play. It is mainly that as our bodies age there is more likelihood of injury and also less likelihood of a speedy recovery.
This is why 
Pilates Plus london exists. To help you maintain a healthy body throughout your life. We aim to help with recovery and have an ongoing plan to make sure that you build up the necessary muscles and flexibiliy to move forward with confidence.

Pilates in London Back pain, any muscular pain can be corrected and further occurrences can be halted or lessened as long as your body has a chance to sustain and correct the injury. Pilates in London helps to encourage correct posture without strenuous effort yet does not seek to manipulate and impose heavenly guidence for you and your body like Yoga for example. In Pilates we ensure that breathing, finding your core and completing regular low impact exercises either on your own or as a group encourages your body to find its own natural structural balance.

Pilates in London offices is based in Blackheath, East Greenwich, South East London SE3.

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